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Day 2

To Shqiperia (Albania)

sunny 17 °C

Next morning I took the 6 O'clock bus to Shkoder, got a cheap room at Rozafa hotel in the center and started touring the city.
It has a modern facade, but back streets like Arab markets & a lot of building sites.
The historical museum is small but very interesting. It was closed till next week but the manager was nice & gave me a private tour, so I donated a few euros and he was happy.
I missed the Marubi Phototheque at that weekend as its open Mon-Fri, but seen it on the way back.
It has a fine collection of photos of places and people from mid 19 century till early 20's, of daily life, ceremonies and holidays.


In the afternoon, when it was a bit cooler, I went to see Rozafa castle.
It's an impressing castle, about 50 m above town, with four rivers near by, closing the way of intruders from three sides and the steep hill and heavy walls give it a perfect defence.
Rozafa castle has a great importance in the Shqiptar (Albanian) history. It was the place Scanderbeg had the tribes chieftains take the oath that started the war to liberate Shqiperia from the Turks
at the 15th century. Shqiperia was independent for
Right from the beginning, when I entered Shqiperia, I noticed that the people are no doubt the most wonderful people in Europe, so kind, generous and willing to communicate and help, far more than other Balkan people who are very nice too.


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Day 1

from Cilipi to Ulcini or Bad luck turns good

sunny 20 °C

I had bad luck that turned good luck after all. I missed the only bus to Crna Gora by ten or fifteen minutes, but in less than two hours a nice guy from Ulcini, Crna Gora gave me a lift all the way down to his town, close to the Albanian border.
This guy, Samir, is Muslim of Albanian origin like the majority in town.
He works in Frankfurt, Germany. To show my appreciation I paid the ferry fare (4 Euro) at Kotor bay, but when I bought water he didn't let me pay.
Parts of Ulcini are ruined or neglected, some Israelis would say 'look like Gaza', but they build new houses, many of them as tourist's accommodations. I got a nice room just 10 min. walking down to the wonderful sea shore (but hard 15 min. climb back).
The water was too cold for me so I didn't swim, only dipped my feet in the sea.

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Trip started and ended at Cilipi airport(Dubrovnik airport).

sunny 10 °C

I visited Shqiperia (Albania, in Turkish Arnavutlu), Crna Gora, (Montenegro) Kosova and Croatia.

It was a very good time for a trip there.
It is out of peak season so there are less tourists in most places, the weather is cooler than in high summer and prices are lower and subject to bargain mre than in high season.

On the other hand, in high season there were flights to Korfu, Greece and to Ochrid, Mcedonia that make the trip To Albania shorter, easier and maybe cheaper.

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